Frequently Asked Questions

Making money is hard enough – making a deposit should be EZ!

What is EZ-DepositSlip?

EZ-DepositSlip is a Windows PC application that makes deposit slips with your computer and laser or ink jet printer using plain paper. Besides making accurate deposit slips EZ-DepositSlip is an excellent tool for tracking checks and related payer information.

Who uses EZ-DepositSlip?

Any individual, business or organization that receives checks or cash. See business types for more examples. You can even customize field names such as paper, tenant, patient, contract, client etc.

Will my bank accept EZ-DepositSlip deposit slips from EZ-DepositSlip with my laser/inkjet printer?

Most U.S. and Canadian banks will accept EZ-DepositSlip deposit slips directly from your laser or inkjet printer with plain paper. Banks typically like EZ-DepositSlip because it is computer generated, easy-to-read and always accurate. If you are uncertain if your bank accepts EZ-DepositSlip, give it a try with our free DEMO. We offer a full 45 day money back guarantee. If you’re bank tells you otherwise, you should speak with the manager and ask why. Perhaps they want to sell or refer you to a company such as Deluxe that sells pre-printed deposit slips. If they still give you a hard time ask which scanning technology they use. Our deposit slips meet or exceed the American National Standard for Financial Services X9.100-120-2004 . See Advanced Questions for more.

What are the limitations of the DEMO version of EZ-DepositSlip ?

The DEMO version is a running version with a few limitations. You are limited to 10 items/checks in a deposit slip. There are no daily restrictions on the number of deposits you can make with the DEMO. If you have 20 checks to deposit, make 2 separate deposit slips. Eventually you will get DEMO watermark on your reports but your data will never be deleted.

Can I use EZ-DepositSlip to deposit cash as well as checks?

Yes. We even offer a Cash Calculator, excellent for retail businesses and restaurants.

How does EZ-DepositSlip print a deposit slip with “any printer” and “plain paper”?

EZ-DepositSlip prints a deposit slip on a standard 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper with any laser or inkjet printer (black/white or color). The actual deposit slip appears in the bottom of the page. See the screen shot tour. You can either cut along the dotted line to separate the Deposit Slip Ticket from the lower Deposit Slip Summary or give the entire 8.5″ x 11″ report with the check detail summary to the bank teller. Again, banks love EZ-DepositSlip and may use the Deposit Slip Summary to help reconcile your deposit.

Is EZ-DepositSlip accurate?

Yes, provided you type/enter the correct information.

What is the difference between EZ-Deposit Slip Standard and Professional?

The main difference is networking.

What happens if I lose my keycode?

Just send us an email and we’ll send it to you at no charge.

What about special characters/fonts that is pre-printed on my regular deposit slips from my check book?

EZ-DepositSlip uses the same MICR OCR (Optical Character Recognition) font that banks use.

Does EZ-DepositSlip available in a network version?

Yes. EZ-DepositSlip Pro

I already use QuickBooks® or another accounting program such as Quicken®, MS Money® or Peachtree®. What does EZ-DepositSlip do for me that I can’t do with my current software? OR Why should I use EZ-DepositSlip when I seem to be happy with my existing accounting software?

The publishers of EZ-DepositSlip use QuickBooks® and Quicken® to write checks, reconcile monthly bank statements, and other bookkeeping tasks such as tax preparation and expense tracking. In our opinion, QuickBooks® does a great job tracking what goes out of an account but lacks the simplicity and extras that EZ-DepositSlip offers with regard to making/preparing deposits and tracking Payer/check details. There are many reasons for using EZ-DepositSlip in addition to your existing accounting package:

1. EZ-DepositSlip makes deposit slips with plain paper. – Never run out of deposit slips or preprinted forms.

2. EZ-DepositSlip is a dedicated application for making deposit slips and recording more Payer details than most off-the-shelf applications. EZ-DepositSlip fields include: Payer, secondary Payer, check number, check date, status indicators: late, redeposit, partial payment and return, income, non income, transfer, two searchable memo fields, type of check: money order, personal , business and more. EZ-DepositSlip also offers soft-seek lookups on all fields, and a timesaving pre-fill feature for remembering the Payer’s last details such as the last check amount or last used memo value. Also EZ-DepositSlip allows importing of existing Payer/customer/depositor information and full export privileges.

3. EZ-DepositSlip can be used by lower level employees on a daily basis to get your checks deposited to the bank faster. Most companies restrict access to QuickBooks® to select employees due to classified information such as employee wages, vender lists and other confidential information. It may be perfectly appropriate for the part time employee, receptionist, manager, or sales associate to use EZ-DepositSlip to prepare the daily/weekly bank deposits. The employee also provides a daily deposit summary report to senior employee to enter in QuickBooks® at a later date. Also, EZ-DepositSlip can be used from any PC (up to 5 non concurrent users) whereas QuickBooks® may only reside on registered user’s computers.

4. EZ-DepositSlip serves as an independent log of all money that gets deposited into your bank accounts. EZ-DepositSlip does not interfere with your existing accounting software. Many of our customers use EZ-DepositSlip to log all checks and make deposits and simply enter “RENT” or “SALES” with the total amount of their deposit in their accounting package. In the case of a busy mail order company, it would be unnecessary and a waste of time to enter 100 checks with order information in QuickBooks® when they already use a dedicated mail order application such as Channergy to fulfill their orders and maintain their customer database.

How much is EZ-DepositSlip ?

$59 Non Profits, $79 Standard/Business, $199 Professional (Network Version) – 100% 45 Day Money Back Guarantee, Unlimited patches/updates/bug fixes. The main difference between Standard/Non Profit and Professional is networking.

To qualify for Non Profit pricing, orders must be paid with an organization check along with your 501(c) certificate or equivalent.

Is EZ-DepositSlip for Windows or Apple/Mac? Is the Internet required?

EZ-DepositSlip is only for Windows XP/7/8/10. However Mac users can run EZ-DepositSlip under Parallels or other Windows emulation product.

Is there a way to save a report in a format that I can email?

Yes. The best way to do that would be to download and install a free PDF creation software program. A PDF file can be opened by Adobe Acrobat Reader or other PDF reader. CutePDF Writer is a utility that installs itself as a “printer subsystem” so when you print a document, you select CutePDF as the printer and it will turn that document into a PDF file.

How to transfer EZ-Deposit from one computer to another?

See our Updates page

Can you print the back side of a deposit slip (sometimes referred to business, vertical or horizontal mode)?


Advanced User FAQ

My Bank won’t accept EZ-DepositSlip deposit slip. What should I do?
Step 1. Find out why

Find out why. Some bank tellers are new on the job and may have never seen a deposit slip that looks different. Ask to speak to the branch manager. Our experience is that branch mangers often give special permission for EZ-DepositSlip to be used. If they tell you the reason is related to magnetic toner see below

Step 2. No Magnetic Toner/Ink

Banks use scanning equipment to clear out all deposited items on a daily basis. Some banks use magnetic and optical readers to read the MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) line on the bottom of your deposit slip. If your bank uses optical or optical/magnetic readers you shouldn’t have a problem. If your bank uses only magnetic readers and you are not using magnetic toner your deposit slip may not be machine readable (standard toner contains some metal particles and still may be readable). If unreadable the deposit slip will pass to a bank employee for hand entry or verification. Banks are set up for an occasional deposit slip that does not read automatically. According to the manger at a large Midwest regional bank, a few non magnetic deposit slips out of the 100,000+ items that are processes each night do not present a problem. There are several alternatives to using magnetic toner (see below).

EZ-DepositSlip meets all ANSI Accredited Standards Committee specifications for Bank Deposit Tickets as per X9.100-120-2004 with the exception of magnetic ink/toner which is a function of your laser printer or ink jet printer. If you’re using magnetic toner and your bank is challenging our MICR font specifications or character position feel free to have your bank contact us for a copy of our MICR Qualifier test reports.

If your bank will not accept EZ-DepositSlip with regular toner you have a few options:

  • Use Magnetic Toner
    Magnetic toner cartridges are sold on line (Do a Google or Yahoo search with the key words “magnetic Toner MICR”.) For most laser printers the cost is about the same as regular toner. To the naked eye there is no difference. Printing two deposits a day should yield thousands of cycles (2 years?) before running out of magnetic toner. If you decide to use magnetic toner we suggest the following:

  • Dedicate Laser Printer with Magnetic Toner
    Dedicate a laser printer with magnetic toner for just deposit slips. Most companies have an old laser printer that has seen better days that still works. We have an old Lexmark work horse that has a problem with legal paper, a squeaky roller and occasional paper jam with high volume jobs – a perfect dedicated deposit slip printer. You may also find refurbished laser printers on Ebay.

  • Swap Magnetic and Regular Toner
    If a dedicated laser printer is not possible, swap out your standard toner for a magnetic toner and preprint an inventory of blank magnetic toner deposit slips (plain white sheets of paper with just the MICR line containing your account and routing number). Select File – Print Deposit Slip – Print Deposit Slip with MICR Line Only. After printing out several hundred blank magnetic toner deposit slips with just the MICR line on bottom, swap back the standard toner. When using these preprinted forms, create you deposit normally and select File – Print Deposit Slip – Print Deposit Slip without MICR Line. (do not check off “Include on Top of Slip”). The MICR line on the bottom of these deposit slips will be in magnetic toner and the rest of the slip will be in regular toner. This is ok because only the only the MICR line is machine readable. Just make sure to store and label the magnetic toner in a safe place to prevent accidental disposal or use.

  • Use Generic Bank Slips
    Attach your bank’s pre-printed generic deposit slip with the banks routing number (free in the bank lobby) to an EZ-DepositSlip. You’ll still need to hand write your account number the deposit total on their form, but this works. They may keep the EZ-DepositSlip or give it back to you.

  • No MICR Line on Bottom (standard toner)
    Print out an EZ-DepositSlip without the MICR line on the bottom. Some banks have no problem with a non machine readable deposit slip as long as there is no MICR line on the bottom (identifying it as non machine readable). Select File – Print Deposit Slip – Print Deposit Slip without MICR Line. You have the option to check off “Include on Top of Slip” if you want the MICR line to be printed on top of the deposit slip. We recommend this option because you will still need the account and routing number printed somewhere on the deposit slip.

  • Switch Banks
    We don’t mean to be flippant about this but banking is a competitive business. There is no federal law defining what a deposit slip should look like. Your bank is telling you that they will accept a hand-written bank deposit over a perfectly accurate and computer printed deposit slip. If they value your business they will accommodate you or take your business to another bank that will. If you are with a bank and want to have your bank listed on our soon to be released web site “EZ-DepositSlip Welcome Here” let us know.

What is the official Century 21 policy on magnetic toner for deposit slips? Are deposit slips covered under Century 21? Is magnetic toner/ink a requirement for Deposit Slips?

(Answer provided from the US Federal Reserve) The purpose of this email is to respond to your inquiry about deposit slips and Check 21.

In short, there is no relation between deposit slips and Check 21.

The organization responsible for establishing financial industry standards is the Accredited Standards Committee X9. Specifications for Bank Deposit Tickets are detailed in Document Number X9.100-120-2004. This standard specifies certain deposit ticket parameters to provide for the processing of personal size and business size deposit tickets through conventional bank deposit and imaging processes. While this standard does not establish a specific design, orientation and layout for bank deposit tickets, it does provide specifications for a range within which key design elements shall be placed. Other bank specific information is excluded from this specification.

Lastly, the Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act (Check 21) facilitates electronic check processing by creating a new paper document, called a substitute check that can be used in place of the original check. Essentially, electronic check presentment continues to take place under agreement. However, if a bank is unable to obtain an agreement from a paying bank and still wants to process electronically, it can process a check electronically and at the last second print out a substitute check for presentment to the paying banks. Check 21 does not apply to deposit tickets.