H. Portella, Flushing NY

“At Consur Brokerage we make hundreds of deposits every month. EZ-DepositSlip saves us many hours of typing and reduces the errors in mistyping and the aggravation that brings.” 

“I want to thank you …. I never expected so much.  On behalf of Helen Presbyterian Church I want to thank you again. Your program is working great. Feel free to show this letter to anyone. -Charles Potter Treasure”

Helen Presbyterian Church, Helen GA

Sonya Gasses,

Ministry Assistant for Greenville Baptist Church, Greenville GA

“We have found the EZ DepositSlip software to be highly effective for our church.  With multiple users making deposits, it is user-friendly and streamlines the process so everyone is doing it the same way.  As a non-profit organization it also allows us to easily provide year-end giving statements for tax purposes.  The support service was also very helpful in addressing a recent technical issue.  I highly recommend the EZ DepositSlip Software! “

“We have been in business for 30 plus years. Started using EZ-DepositSlip in Nov 2013. Every now and than a software product comes around that does what it s advertised to do to, EZ- DepositSlip is the poster child for that! This product saves labor and helps keep customer/vendor accounts in balance, with all information at my fingertips!” 

Larry Lautenbach,

Tri County Heating Inc, New Franken WI

Andy Pracht,

Coastal Long Term Rental Company, Inc.,  Hilton Head Island SC

I’ve been in the Real Estate Rental Business for about 30 years. Before finding EZDepositSlip I would normally spend about 10 hours at the end of each month locating problems with my escrow account. I was unable to locate deposit problems because my software did not track deposits like your program. I was unable to find someone to write a database to help me track my deposits in detail.  Went online, downloaded your program and it has been a lifesaver for my business. I now spend about 30 seconds finding mistakes in my deposits vs. the posted deposits… I wish I had the foresight to look for this program years ago but I am one very happy user now.”

“EZ-DepositSlip is the perfect program for any small business or organization that needs a quick, simple, easy to use deposit system. After installation, which is a snap, I was entering and printing deposits in literally minutes.”

Peter O’Brien,

Halifax Sailing Association, Daytona Beach FL

Linda Cooper,

Finance Manager Sanford Airport Authority, Orlando Sanford International Airport

“We have been using the EZ-DepositSlip software for about six weeks since hearing about it from our IT Manager. Once the initial set up of customers and tenants is done, it saves us time both in entering deposit items and verifying the totals, probably about an hour or so a day.”

“Just a quick note to let you know that I am very pleased with the EZDeposit software. As a small business owner, I get very involved in all aspects of the business, including bookkeeping, banking, etc. etc. Often, the paper jungle makes it difficult to focus on the core business.” 

Tom Ryan, RTR Home Services, Inc. d/b/a

The Maids Home Services, Raleigh NC

Kelly F,

Resort Cabin Rentals

“I would like to say this is the best thing going for doing up deposit slips. I own a resort with store and let me tell you it saves me a lot of writing. I had hand surgery years ago and as time goes buy I find writing to be a task for my hand a lot of times. I get the writers cram thing going, and it is not a fun feeling. Anyway I just want to take the time to tell anyone that inquires about your software that I had my account info in and was doing up a deposit in less than 5 mins. WHAT A WONDERFUL & VERY EASY SOFTWARE TO USE !!!!!!”

Jessica Cessna

I have used EZDepositSlip since 2017. I have to make deposits for 10 different bank accounts. I am able to use different color paper for each account. All entries are legible on the deposit slips, so owners of the accounts can see who made payments without having to guess at handwriting. I HIGHLY recommend this software if you are still handwriting deposits.

“EZ-DepositSlip is the perfect program for any small business or organization that needs a quick, simple, easy to use deposit system. After installation, which is a snap, I was entering and printing deposits (without using the excellent help file) in literally minutes. Our bank has been extremely happy with the preprinted forms, and never has a deposit amount or number been in question. Not only is it a fine utility for entering and printing deposits, its reports section allows quick access to payer information, historical reports, income type breakdown, memo reports and miscellaneous reports! Add to that easy access to account and payer maintenance files and point and click preference settings and it just keeps getting better and better. As the membership chairman for our 200 member plus sailing association this product far exceeded our expectations. I can’t imagine any other software in today’s market that has the flexibility and user friendliness that EZ- DepositSlip possesses. Buy it! You won’t be sorry! A 10 out of 10”

Peter O’ Brien,  

Halifax Sailing Association, Daytona Beach FL

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